Underpowered crushers

I think the following crushers need an overhaul of some sort. because, as it stands now, they do limited damage. I’ll make a suggestion, but I’d be more than happy with any change to them at moment.

The Cannon Shot: Remove the football theme and add some sort of explosives to the field for additional damage.

The Stairfall: Add pistons/pillars along the sides that crush vehicles as they fall down the stairs.

The Spike Pit: Have the spikes extend/retract (similar to the pillar crusher) for a set amount of time after the crusher is activated.

The Lasers: The updated version does very little damage unless a player manually controls the speed of the conveyor (which is inefficient). Perhaps add a 3rd set of spinning lasers and/or increase their damage.

The Pillar Fall: This isn’t too terribly bad, but it should do more damage than it does currently. A possible change might be to add falling debris that damages vehicles once they’ve hit the bottom.

The Hammer: The time to re-engage the hammer should be reduced so that it can be dropped without such a long wait.

Apologies if any of these issues have been addressed or raised recently. I did a search and nothing came up within the last year or so.




The Acid Chamber is incredibly slow and needs a buff in the speed at which it fills with acid.


Yeah, I’d agree with that. Nuke as well. The only thing they have going for them is that they will destroy most, if not all, of a vehicle.

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There used to be a “spiked cannon shot” that got replaced with the bass blaster crusher. Some have been hoping it would make a return with more crushers due to be added to the facility.

The blender and side spinner crushers are not the best for large vehicles and could use some updates to make large vehicles fall in easier.

stairfall and pillar fall both kind of suck except for destroying small cars and so making them do more danage would be nice.

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  1. I really enjoy the concept of The Cannon Shot, you know. Perhaps a minefield would be interesting.

  2. The Stairfall I am aware it is also a really slow crusher, but your plan seems a little too absurd.

  3. I believe The Lasers to be adequate.

  4. The Pillar Fall is a fairly awful crusher. Making the hole longer and putting more space between the pillars might help.

  5. The Hammer is a really effective crusher, therefore I don’t think it needs any modifications.

Overall, all of them are just my personal thoughts based on your ideas for each one. Sincerity dictates that not every crusher—especially row 1 crushers—needs to be “overpowered.”

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honestly I would say that all row 1 crushers don’t need to be changed since they are beginner crushers not meant to be amazing at their job

spike pit also recently got shadowbuffed I think, it does more damage now

cannon shot is one crusher that needs a significant improvement, it’s damage output goes from destroying an entire car to only scratching a Peel P50, but I suspect the physics overhaul update will fix that automatically

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