Train Crusher revamp

So the train crusher, a crusher that actually appear in CC1 and got brought to CC2, it’s a rather old crusher and actually a bit boring so I started thinking of an idea to update it.

For one the crusher will have multiple trains

the regular train

the train collision: 2 trains appear on both ends of the track and collide with the vehicle in between

shredder train: a train that has 2 shredders and a drill on the front for higher damage

explosive train: a locomotive that will explode when collides with the vehicle

another feature is when a train is selected the player can step on a pad in the control room and be teleported to the cab of the train and control it themselves and drive it into the vehicle.


Maybe this idea is a bit over the top for a simple crusher.

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Okay the train crusher got revamped but not what you think

Wasn’t like what is written i this suggestion, was just given a small overhaul with an emergency entrance to the control room like other crushers have and now can be launched from either side of the tunnel. This suggestion is a lot more complex.

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