Toyota RSC Concept

What if a Nissan 350Z and a Hummer H2 had a baby?

One way to keep a sport coupe fresh is to combine its design with something extremely popular-that of a sport/utility vehicle. Last year we saw the Pontiac Piranha concept, while this year we’ve already seen the Chevrolet Borrego and the Mitsubishi RPM 7000 from the Detroit Auto Show. At Chicago, Toyota entered the fray with its RSC (Rugged Sport Coupe). Toyota’s CALTY design studio penned the RSC with love-it-or-hate-it lines: The look can be described as either ruggedly handsome or controversial as an Aztek.

Based on the all-wheel-drive RAV4 platform, for now, the RSC might remind young Americans who play WRC driver on their Sony Playstations that Toyota is a leader in world rally. The RSC also features a techy, minimalist interior with a rear seat that folds down and forward to the backs of the front seats to make the 162-in.-long car look like a two-seater. No engine is specified, but the RSC has a dash-mounted sequential shifter, just like a rally Corolla.

Production prospects? Toyota calls the RSC a pure concept vehicle, even though its style and dimensions suggest it could fill in for the latest Celica, if that sport coupe’s light fades after the usual two years. But therein lies the rub for the ephemeral sport coupe market: If it’s a trend now, there’s a good chance it’ll be out of style by the time the concept can become a production reality.
(source: MotorTrend)

CC2 Stats
Tier: 2
Token: 2
Price Range: 453M
Exclusivity: None (grindable)
Replacement for: Toyota FJ Cruiser
Scrap Limit: 4000