This once again getting ridiculous

Can a mod or someone BAN HAMMER THE heck out of these loser exploiters please…
Dont hack!

It takes a supercar around 39 seconds average aat the LEAST to get around the track on the second lap

i think thats the most extreme exploit case i’ve ever seen

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slowly stands up about full exe dragon mad mode rn.
I think im shaking with rage irl…if i wanna get a tad mean witha pathetic rp…who is the mod that keeps either trying to restrict my freedom of speech and goofball actions. Now im getting a bit pissed off.

If you want me to rephrase the offensive text in question. Tell me first and for example if they dont comply or something is taking too long then hide it.

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I just woke the frick up from a short rest. My blood pressure hates me waking the frick up to posts being fricken hidden. My damn heart wont do well in fourty years if whatever daang mod keeps this up. Lets just say those medicaal costs for that…are fucking ridiculous sometimes for patients with tetrology of fallot.

Also im holding back myself from sending images because i dont waanna scare the silly innocent kids that dont understaand the exctent of how angry a person like me can fricken get. Im holding baack a demon and you cant even see that in me. Im happy so far compared to the one time i destroyed a block wall as a kid. I hope that me and the mods can talk of what i can do to improve before this…gets…ugly

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Also some of this is random art i found its not mine lol. Some of it is my drawing though

Don’t know why you’re targeting the mods, its me that flags half of them because I personally dont think it’s acceptable what you’re doing

I had a feeling-_-
Next time. Work with me. Dont take everything down on me id rather work as a team and help revise issues and solve problems instead of rage.

For once “hey storm its a bit overkill on the roleplaying and anger” and id immediatly apon seeing it when im on here fix my issue with you. I can compromise

I mean flag exists for a reason

I’d rather flag than be yelled at by someone with anger issues for not liking what they do

Tbh all you gotta do is tell me if im going too far. I can hit the brakes on what im doing wrong you know-_-

One downside of me is i struggle to understand what i do wrong and become very depressed and upset when nobody helps me understand. There is no need to baby sit me but a reminder or just a little “lets please dial the rpm down a bit” and i would understand.

I remember the last time someone told you you were doing something outta hand you kinda flipped your shit I mean you’re not flipping your shit now but you’re already acting pissed off with your -_- emojis

No im not mad lol. Just slightly annnoyed that your afraid of a pathetic idiot like me

Never said I was afraid and I never called you pathetic I just think you over react way too much and it should stop cause it’s the kind that gives headaches

If you got coffee put half milk and a little sugar and i think it might either make it worse or mellow you out headache wise like id get from coffee

Dont want coffee

Q-Q why tho

Dont need it also why u drinking coffee if you have extreme heart problems which you seem to say you have a lot

Because anxiety for me is easily more fatal and it constricts veins and i need not an overflow of energy to the brain or i fry my mind easy. I got big veins. But when i drink a cup or two.of coffee when im extra stressed. I mellow RIIIIIGHT out