This glitch is so bad, I can't even play the game anymore

Okay. This bug has been happening since this morning.

Basically, whenever I spawn into the game, my camera is stuck on some stupid sky backdrop, and whenever I spawn a car, I can’t move my camera.

Whenever I get out of my car, my camera is stuck on the car and wont go on to my character.

So, I can’t even access the lobby anymore, and my camera is stuck to my car no matter what.

I’ve tried restarting my computer, shutting down my computer, turning on/off my vpn, that stuff.

I haven’t tried logging in/logging out, and I haven’t tried reinstalling roblox.

I’ll reply to this forum if any of those work.

Has anyone ever experienced this or knows what’s going on?

All I know is that the camera is probably stuck to my vehicle.

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Tried both of those. DIDN’T WORK.

Then try reinstalling roblox

i did.

Your camera mode must be set to CameraToggle (Roblox will show that it’s set to default classic for some reason) so try changing it from the roblox settings and keep it at either Classic or Follow. It’s a known bug with that camera mode.

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Thank you!

I tried switching my cameramode around earlier and it worked.

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