The Spinning Hummer's Control Room Problem

Can the bug be found among the known bugs in the trello Trello? If so, upvote it there instead!

What is the bug?
Answer: When you go down to The Spinning Hummer Control Room Everything gets invisible

robloxapp-20200222-1740473.wmv (4.4 МБ)

How often does the bug happen? (Everytime/sometimes/rarely)
Answer: Sometimes (First 4 times then didnt happend again)

What steps do you need to take for it to happen? List them in very high detail:

  1. Go to row 3
    2.Get down staris to The Spinning Hummer’s Control Room

Is the bug related to GUI or something that only happens for you? (GUI = the dealership, derby win screen or any other interface)
Yes/No: No

Roblox username: AhilPlayZ_TDB