The Mountain Annihilator hits the ceiling and can take damage if flipped inside the destruction facility underwater tunnels

When the Mountain Annihilator (MA) is flipped in the underwater tunnels in the destruction facility, it hits the ceiling and depending on its condition, it can take damage. If on its side it also has a hard time getting back upright, and if it’s too close to a wall it’s impossible. It also doesn’t matter if it’s on its wheels when flipped, it will hit the ceiling.

The MA always hits the ceiling if flipped, but the damage taking only occurs sometimes.

All that needs to happen for this bug to occur is to drive into an underwater tunnel with the MA, then press the flip button while it’s in there.

While I haven’t heard of anyone complain about this bug, I would infer that it can happen to other players.
I also have a video of this happening, please DM me if it’s needed.

Roblox username: ThePokemaniac21