The map wont reset after core melt down

This bug happened after i use the melt down of the core it did its thing but after being respawn, the map was not restring every thing was gone the crushers wouldn’t work the trees where knocked over and all the stunt park was missing the race track was gone too. i took some screen shots

this bug has happens two times the first time i took screen shots and the second i didn’t. it happens when you make the core melt down and you know when it happens because the trees after the first core melt down i did stayed down the whole time but everything work and the stunt par t was there but the other melt down i did that day i got trapped in the building where go after escaping.

the bug is not related to my GUI here are the screen shots of the first encounter ![RobloxScreenShot20191019_235142838|690x397](upload://ty638HpDItjrA7GAAuJAEIRBTYA.jpeg RobloxScreenShot20191019_235125462 RobloxScreenShot20191019_235100215

from a counserned roblox player tytyruch


guessing by the chat there was a big lag spike.