Tell me about your driving problems in CC2 or Real Life

Hello there is me again this is the 2nd Topic On My Profile so would you tell me your driving problem on CC2 or even on real life

And I will try to answer it via Shift and Gear Series 4 Videos


ok You Can find my driring problems on Some my
frist is a transmission it try to shif up when i press a gas if you hand break of the same time aso it will not reverse in R gear if your top speed isn’t 0 km/h

torque yes

in game you can feel like a car have a turbro lag Turbo lag is the hesitation or slowed throttle response you experience when driving a turbocharged vehicle, before the turbocharger starts to kick in and provide extra power to your engine.


weight balance
example when your trun left,right or break The weight will Transfer of each wheel is not the same when The weight not the same of each wheel. a girp of Each wheel also not same


here when your break the weight from the rear axle will Transfer to the front axle 10-30%

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t i think this game missing some physics about DIFFERENTIALS and
traction when i drive at 200+ km/h or heavy duty truck at 150+ km/h i feel like rear axle
persistent it Constantly shaking like jelly on a plate when turning a car is overturn if you cant image it like this

but it But it has this condition with a 4-wheel vehicle!!!

and one problem for me its traction physics i feel like its FULLY GRIP on the grip tires aso when your trun its little easy control on slippy ice without AWD cars .but really slick like lubricant on the drift tires .it can’t climb the row3 mt.
that is why it hard to drift because the rear axle it shoud be lost the grip before use the hand break(they lost grip when your trun) not when use the hand break


Thank You for your post on these threads, I will answer it and giving some tips Via Shift and Gear


oh can you share a vip sever link? i will explan how hard about driving problems in CC2.


Unfortunately, the VIP server has expired a month ago, But You can PM me some videos about your driving problems on CC2, or maybe explained it in details