Tayazi Baris IX

NAME: 2009 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

CC2 name: Tayazi Baris IX

Real Life Specs: sorry its copy pasted. Just so i dont get blasted


Up to 29 city / 36 highway


1.5 L 4-cylinder


106 hp


4-speed automatic,

5-speed manual


151-169″ L x 67″ W x 58-60″ H


Front-wheel drive

Curb weight

2,288 to 2,335 lbs

3 yr/36,000 mi basic, 5 yr/60,000 mi powertrain

Seating capacity: 5

CC2 Specs : DONE MYSELF on a phone :sob::sob:

Price 10,500

How to Obtain : Earn 10,500 Money in the CC2 Game

Chipset Tuning : 60 Scraps or 25 Credits

Ignition System : 80 Scraps or 40 Credits

Engine Pistons : 120 Scraps or 60 Credits

Motor Cooling : 160 Scraps or 80 Credits

Exhaust System : 200 Scraps or 100 Credits

Engine Block : 220 Scraps or 150 Credits

Cams and Valves : 75 Scraps or 80 Credits

Weight Distribution : 250 Scraps or 80 Credits

Turbocharger : 400 scraps or 180 credits

Brake Tuning : 100 Scraps or 50 Credits

Racing Brakes : 250 Scraps or 80 Credits

Small Plow: 250 credits or 500 Scraps

Air Thrusters, 1,500 Credits

**Class : C 68 with no upgrades **

I really hope this gets added. I absolutely love small little cars being added especially so bigger roleplay servers such as AFRP and 72RPC can use these for real life roleplay. Cars like these blend into the environment and make it feel like a city or a legit roleplay. My personal goal is to get 15 Hearts or approval from people in these forums. I hope you enjoyed this, and i hope to make more and get this added into the game. Enjoy the pictures. :)

ps: this would be so fun to add a rocket booster onto. I know this is not very detailed but this would be a dream to get added into the game. Wish this post luck! -CheeseRAT556


If there is something i missed about this car, PLEASE let me know on discord @ gt4ps4

You WILL be credited


by the way, you need pictures for your suggestion so it doesn’t get sniped
you’re lucky that this has not been suggested however


I accidentally clicked the “post” button. I was not finished


it won’t


Wym. More context please


rating should really be somewhere in D, but if it could reach C69 with upgrades it’d be very cool
also wish it was the S from Forza, looks a bit nicer


I appreciate it. Was this hate tho? I jus wanna know i can improve this.


Yaris or Vitz

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Yaris S

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