Tanks you like to see remade/replaced in cc2

(Idk why i did this but something to debate)

Yeah just what tanks you think needs to be remade or replaced.

For me, the Wdz-130 should be remade into the T-55AM-1


I would like to see tank be made into tank and maybe tank be remade into tank


I want them to buff tiger I


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Better armor

It’s like made of plastic right now

Na its made of titanium, I can shoot it 183734 times and it’s still ok (yes I aim for the engine)

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Not for me

Different for everyone I guess

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Wdym by better armour??? The UE57 has like 9mm of armour and the maus has like 200mm of armour. While the ue with about 65mm of penetration can damage a ue57 (obviously) but of you shoot the maus the maus still takes damage even though the armour is like 200m so idk what u mean better armour.

In a comment i made before i stated that a peel p50 can ram a maus and the maus could be damaged

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Tiger I is bad rn

Maus is bad rn

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