Tanks Revamp

Everyone talking about car revamps but the tanks got forgotten. Tanks are really cool vehicles in CC2 but it would be really nice if they had interiors. They also need a physics update like better suspension when you drive too fast ober a little bump the tank gets damaged alot (for a little bump) and more grip/traction they sometimes cant get up a hill for example this

The PVP system also needs a buff some tanks are literally one shoot when you have good aim and others survive everything even when the engine constantly gets fed with 120mm bullets for example the Laser tank who should be one of the best is literally the worst because of its weakspot the turret

The mobile controls also need an fix the turret has basically its own will it automatically turns around and maybe also add an lock function for all devices so it just stays straight and doesn’t move


You forgot a turret ring is very weak
Like how Tiger 131 got disabled by one shot to the ring

I agree and yeah you can one shot tanks destroying turret ring. And if you brake it a bit entire tower gets flipped

if another tank touches the barrel it instantly breaks

i would suggest using the LandKreuzer its the most reliable tank when it comes to battles and it rarely happens with the turret

well unless you shoot the turret and you lose the cannon 98.7% of the time