Tank cannot press button because the Stuck bugs by the lack of Head tanks

I founded a bugs form Row 3 but i will give u a video was bugged

At the ROW 3 Crusher
I was foundation a bug Here
A door can getting stuck damge my Tank “Exoniphic MK 1”

I was tired to pressing button with my Exoniphic Tank but I cannot pressing button bc the Tank to Large
I was at “The Bass Boosted” Crusher i was getting damge tank when Door open

*There are 2 bug it if found!:

  • A bug form Tank getting damaged when after pressing button Quick Crusher
  • When Tank get stucked presssing door when Tank getting turn spin a Head of Tank

Pls can u gonna contact the trello. Feedback and Fixing this 2 bugs

Username: ilogin_sign

Here i will drag images to see it:



English please?

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i can barely read this

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