Tank Battles (Derby) Replacement

Instead of shooting other tanks… I would like to replace it into a team,
Like team red tanks V.S team blue tanks.
They can be respawnable for 3 times only,

This means they can only respawn 3 times.

and the turret/cannon should be non-destructable, Once the engine has been shot the turret will stop working and it will set on fire.

The turret is what most players get annoy about, Sometimes some people shoot other people turrets so they will lose, and some players say just hit them when you have no turret/ when your turrets broke, But tanks have limited speed, they can mostly just run about 25-30mph maximum speed.

So the improvements are just the turrets, Sometimes when a tank hits a other tank the turret would break. It needs a better durability or defense.

If you ask why about the turrets because it annoys people, They can easily lose whenever their turret broke. Its harder for the player to play or fight into a another player. Hitting doesn’t even work because of the maximum speed,

If you ask about the team, the team is for a better experience. Here’s a example, a red team tank shoots a blue team tank, after couple of shoots their vehicle will break, but instead of being unable to respawn again, they have 3 respawns left, More players fight and the team tank count will decrease,( 5v5 )

In a final like 1 red team tanks and 1 blue team tank (1v1) And few shots the blue tank broke, so the red won, it’s just like team Deathmatch.