TagAZ Aquila

NAME: TagAZ Aquila


CC2 Specs:
Pricing: 200-400K
Exclusivity: Limited vehicle
Mastery: 0
Tier: 1
Acceleration (Guess): 8.6
Handling: 12.1
Braking: 9.5
Top speed: 115 Miles per hour
0-60: 11.8 Seconds
The TagAZ Aquila is an overall Ok car to drive, the acceleration is not its strong suit, and shouldn’t be used for racing. For derby, it isn’t recommended unless you install a plow, add a spoiler, and add upgrades to the vehicle to increase its survival.
Fictional name: TegIE Sequiller



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Russian tesla model s

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This car has parts from 20 different cars!
It is also made of fiberglass, on a frame. Therefore, in life, if you crash into someone, most likely you will destroy the car you crashed into.
(although it was assembled very poorly, at the factory)

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