Suggestions to enhance the planned map updates

I saw on the trello that map enhancements are planned. I’d just like to put my two cents in:

  • There are plenty of spaces on the existing map to add houses and perhaps farms? Not expecting anything fancy. Though it’d be neat for the houses to have interiors.
  • As for farms, given the tropical region, perhaps banana farms? I’m sure that such a complex and expensive facility would do some testing on enhancing banana growth?
  • Heck, to be honest, a new worldspace, themed around UltimateDriving style roleplay, would be pretty darn awesome. Sides, such a worldspace would give a reason for another portal at spawn.
    That pretty much sums up my ideas. Whoever reads this: Have an amazing day/night!

this is a really nice idea


nice idea


I feel like they really should add some aspects that would be good for roleplay, considering most people rp in the game once they’re maxed out (including me)