Suggestion add a ds

Name: citroen ds fake name citvoen sd


top speed 160 kmh/ 100 mph in 19.5 sec E class
engine placement: front mid
class of car: fast back, sedan, wagon, estate.
maneuverability: better than every car in the game at any speed
production: 1955 to 1975 all models combined
doors: depends on what class
engine: * 2,175 cc (132.7 cu in) I4 (DS 21) its a flat 4 and its aired cooled
transmission: 4 speed if manual 5 speed if automatic
wheelbase: 3,124 mm (123.0 in)
length: 4,826 mm (190.0 in) (saloon) 4,991 mm (196.5 in) (estate)
width: 1,791 mm (70.5 in)
height: Height 1,464 mm (57.6 in) (saloon) 1,537 mm (60.5 in) (estate)
curb weight: 1,270 kg (2,800 lb)(saloon) 1,384 kg (3,051 lb) (estate)
head lights: 4 head lights (inner headlights moves when steer example when wheel turns left the inner head lights moves to left too)
suspension: its a water bed you must watch the suspension video before watching
weird feature: when starting up it rises extra 2 inches above and it legits can drive in 3 wheels better than the reliant robik mk1
parts: i legit dont know it has 1 455 746 parts in real life idk how to convert that
history: the first car that ever has a hydraulic suspension and it has sold 12 thousand ds in the first day and also this car is french made for normal people not rich
horn: the same horn as the taxi


please vote this and the citroen 2cv

i dont think you get to name the car in game