Story Time 12/8/19

(I have no direction with this, i just want to speak my mind) Life does have it’s ups and downs, and sadly this weekend was a down. I’m not going into the specifics of it-- it’s messy and complicated. When you get down to what actually happened-- again it’s just hard to explain-- and emotional. Really who knows what I will be doing in a month-- hell who knows if i’ll even be at CC2 anymore, could just finally move on. Or I could stay and well who knows, thank god that i didn’t get blacklisted. Ironically, I also talked to the Old sky-- or the old old EC. He’s a nice man, understood why he was never online, and we made up on the past. So there’s always that option. As dumb as this sounds, if you have an idea, just respond to me on forms or in dms


heh… I mean at least im happier now— by a little…