Sports team buses

I have thought of a lot of new vehicles that are team buses at a pro sports team level. I will list them out for all of you from four different pro sports leagues and the colours of the bus.

Montreal Canadiens (Red bus)
Toronto Maple Leafs (Blue bus)
Detroit Red Wings (Red bus)
Chicago Blackhawks (Red bus)
Boston Bruins (Yellow bus)
Pittsburgh Penguins (Yellow bus)
Edmonton Oilers (Orange bus)
New York Islanders (Orange bus)
New York Rangers (Blue bus)
New Jersey Devils (Red bus)
Colorado Avalanche (Purple bus)
LA Kings (Black bus)
Philidelphia Flyers (Orange bus)
Washington Capitals (Red bus)
St Louis Blues (Blue bus)
Tampa Bay Lightning (Blue bus)
Anaheim Ducks (Black bus)
Calgary Flames (Red bus)
Dallas Stars (Green bus)
Carolina Hurricanes (Red bus)
Vancouver Canucks (Blue bus)
Buffalo Sabres (Blue bus)
Columbus Blue Jackets (Blue Bus)
Florida Panthers (Blue bus)
Arizona Coyotes (Purple bus)
Minnesota Wild (Green bus)
San Jose Sharks (Light blue bus)
Vegas Golden Knights (Gold bus)
Winnipeg Jets (Blue bus)
Ottawa Senators (Red bus)

Toronto Raptors (Black bus)

BC Lions (Orange bus)

Toronto Blue Jays (Light blue bus)

NOTE: You cannot change these colours to these vehicles. You are able to change the rim colour tho.

@Panwellz, please google these teams to put the championships on too. The championship titles for the leagues I put in will be mentioned too.

Stanley Cup (NHL): Silver
Gray Cup (CFL): Rough Metal
World Series (MLB): Platinum
Larry O’Brien trophy (NBA): Gold

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