Shockwave Bomb Or Gun Gamepass

So this idea popped In my head about a shockwave type of weapon. Not sure if this has been suggested before but, I will still share the my idea of it.

What It Does:
What this weapon will do is launch any vehicle next to it away from where it was shot or placed, the weight of the vehicle still matters but it will still get at least a little bit of airtime but small vehicles or lighter vehicles will get launched, overall being more powerful than the derby shockwave power up, though it can’t be used in derby as any weapon can’t.

I don’t know what form this weapon should take so here are a couple ideas:

Gun Type Thing:
You will get to shoot the shockwave and the shockwave will propel anything away from where it was shot.

Sticky Bomb Type Thing:
You get to place the shockwave bomb wherever and activate it with the power up button whenever you want, sending whatever vehicle is next to that detonation zone away from where it exploded, it will automatically explode after 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Nothing much with here other than you’ll see a quick glass dome like the shockwave power up in derby.

I feel like the pricing should be 150-210 robux but I am not exactly sure.





Energy pulse but better

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This sounds e. P ic. I feel like the price should be raised a little tho