Scripting Tutorial #1 - Printing

Welcome to Tutorial #1 on how to script!

Today, I will show you how to use print() and warn().

Print and warn show on the Output Box and Developer Console, so use them to find your message.

How to find them

Output Box:
View > Output
Developer Console
Play Solo > F9 key


Make a new Script in Workspace, enter this code:

print("Hello there!")
warn("Car Crushers 2 is epic!")

If you see Hello there and in yellow text Car Crushers 2 is epic, you successfully ran the code. If not, check for errors and try again :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading my first ROBLOX scripting tutorial! I’ll see you soon! :D

Tutorial 2 will follow, this will be edited when done.


Nice but this isnt the place for scripting

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