Sandbox mode

Could you add like a sandbox mode where you can test out every gamepass and maybe also be able to race with your friends(but not get money by destroying your car) so you know the garage were you customize your car and stuff? you should make the sandbox there and be able to go outside. Also your friend could join your sandbox and play around together. And you should add something like you could customize your garage!


nice :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I feel like that would kill the game in a way, because 50% of getting the car is to drive around in it. Now if we can get a long strip of land to test cars I would like that

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Oh, well we don’t have to test out every car but just use ones you own but being able to test out the gamepasses would be better because if someone buy’s a gamepass then not like it they would want their robux back and people would be pretty mad and i’m sure that has happend before, if we have the sandbox, they can test out the gamepasses to see if their worth it or not and play around with them.


25 robux for it, since it would make the original game senseless and if it was free probably everyone would leave the original car crushers 2