Saleen GT4

Sallen GT4
Screenshot 2022-02-18 19.04.36

Availability: VIP

Token: 2

Price: 41 Billion

Top Speed: 249 mph

Acceleration: 15

Handling: 18.9

Braking: 15

Spoilers: Yes

Race Class: S

Derby Attack: 96

Derby Defence: 85

Weight: 1 Ton
(Once again credit to @TurboOnz12 for the format)


Handling is way too low, maybe it should be like 18.9
Also, acceleration should be 15
And it should be 2 tokens
Also, the wing can be changed but it shouldn’t affect handling

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This is The Era Of TurboOnz12 Where He Would Make a Zenos E10-Like Car 2 Tokens

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it’s actually because he priced it at 41B which is in the 2 token category

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