S.R.A CO T6M7 Hell turtle

S.R.A CO T6M7 Hell turtle

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S.R.A CO T6M7 Hell Turtle

Length: 44.4 Studs (67.475 from back of tank to front of gun)
Width: 20 Studs
Height: 13.55 Studs

Firepower: 2rnd Autoloader, Strength between Maus and M2A4 S1, reload: 7seconds

Value: ~
Parts: ~
Top Speed F/B in KMH: 26/12
Acceleration: 5
Braking: 1.2
Weight: 130.63
Race Class: ~
Cost: $136T, 4 Tokens

(bright green spot above where driver sits)


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You Want A Hell Turtle?
Give A Snapping Turtle A Fruit, i dare you