I’m happy right now they did some remodels on some very old cars. The CC2 devs never disappoint. But at the same time its sad seeing how the historical OG cars get removed. What do you think ablut it?


I see where you’re coming from but I’m just glad that these got better I’m all for innovation

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im also glad they gonna buff the performance and make them look better but they should keep the old designs

I’m not much for the old designs, I don’t like them because of their very blocky appearance.
I believe the older models were made on just Roblox Studio, with a few exceptions that appeared a bit later, still have been made a considerable time ago, when the devs were still improving. The other models on the other hand, made before the importing models/meshes became more popular or more dated.
Keeping these old models just don’t look great with the newer car meshes, and really puts an emphasis on “old” and “outdated”.

i also kinda hate em but the nostaliga just gets deleted

They can’t remove the dignity because it is a Roblox toy

that would be the last and forever surviving car in CC2 maybe a interior update

I think the alstra was fine before the remodel, nothing rlly changed.

what no it was ugly before
Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 6.53.20 AM

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