Remodel of the c63

Hello, i think the mercedes w204 c63 or in the game Macedas AGM C6 should really be re modeled. It is here since the beginning and it looks pretty dated. same goes for the g500 which there is already a suggestion for…


I agree but at least for this car the blocky look works unlike for the Maybach I think that one is much worse

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this one has no detail whatsoever, the maybach has some little effort but i think they both suck

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It looks like a benefactor schafter lwb

You think that’s blocky?

The car is so tiny and looks like a honda civic coupe trying to be a audi rs5

I don’t really care because it’s an offbrand chinese meshup of 15 different cars, the c63 is a mercedes and i want it to at least look decent…

im pretty sure thats the design

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