Redoing the daily missions specifics

Some of the daily missions you get for MP and so on to unlock the limited time vehicles are honestly a bit overboard with their requirements or time taken to do them. Like example: “complete server announced competition race” which is a mission that requires help from other players and often times not enough players sign up for the announced races and then got to wait possibly 15-20 mins as not every competition is a race, that one IMO should be removed and just be “complete a server announced competition”

Another example is like ragdoll launch at pretty insane distances that can only be achieved by using very high up fast vehicles that some players may not even own or need to use the rocket booster pass to achieve the speed required to pull it off, and about the only place you can pull them off is the runway and yet for some odd reason it sometimes dont count launches if you land in the water.

Similar to the above is the jump missions where have to get and stay airborne for a certain amount of time and again got to have a pretty fast vehicle to complete these and like when I try to sort of do an easy way to beat them by jumping the ramps on the runway it will sometimes not even count them which that may just be a bug of sorts but still makes it difficult to complete.

In brief summary, some missions should have their requirements redone to be a little easier and not require help from random players and some involving like getting airborne need to be checked for bugs as they arent counting jumps in some places.

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Did the devs fix the ragdoll bug where u can complete the missing by teleporting back to the spawn?

I don’t know about that one, I do know one time I had a rather freak incident where I done a ragdoll launch and I flew so far I fell off the map and was teleported to the lobby it counted as the distance needed, I didn’t press the teleport button or anything that’s just what happens if fall off the map, IDK if it was a bug or not as I definitely flew the required distance before landing on my face in the lobby. Is that possibly what you are referring to?

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