Ram revolution

Ev ram

Top speed 111
Acceleration 16
Class C 68


The specs are pretty reasonable

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2024 RAM Revolution


@Mandar_Fahrren wondering what u think of this

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like most modern Dodge products, aesthetics are very nice
overall I’m not a fan of EV trucks, they are extremely limited by their fuel range and reliability. However this one is very pretty.

Performance is as expected for an EV truck, good accel and meh top speed
overall I like it for what it is, but mechanically im not a fan

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I like the suggestion though. Also, with those stats racing class should be very high B

trucks are always a welcoe addition to CC2, as the ratio of cars to trucks is very askew right now.
However, they’ve added several EV vehicles past few updates they may delay it this time around.

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im sure itll get added though the CC2 team seems to be a huge fan of EV vehicles.

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i think it would be neat if the trx and this are added into the game

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i dont like this car just because of the headlights