Race World

Add a race world with a variety of racetracks where people can race eachother in competitive games. And there are prizes based on the current cash of the player so say if player x won the race and had currently 15 billion cash he would earn 500 million for winning the race. And there are prizes for all places but the lower place you come the less u can earn.
It will be similair to the Derby world but for races with various modes
Possible modes:
Normal track
A normal race with a race track
Elimination track
The person in last every minute gets eliminate basically last one standing
Normal drag
A normal drag race
A wall starts 25 studs behind the players and slowly gets faster its a drag race that goes on indefinitely but a deadly wall chases the players slowly getting faster and players have to drag race to survive the wall.
Aggression Race
Vehicle contact is on but it doesn’t actually damage the car (because they had to drive) and it’s basically Normal Track but players can knock other players and slow them down

The tracks could be based off irl race tracks while the drag races can be a simple road with some scenery (scenery can be turned off in settings to reduce possible lag)


will keep this open since it has more details