PVP is off for a few seconds in races

I’ve noticed that during races that it is an annoyance to get a good start if you start in the back of the pack because of the PVP.

I think a neat feature that could be added is for PVP to be off for the first 10 seconds of the race before it turns on. This means that in this period of time, all the players can spread out before the PVP becomes active. An example would be starting in the back of the pack. If the PVP is automatically on, this means that a person in the back of the pack is put at a disadvantage because they can’t pass through the players in front of them, rendering a high chance they finish the race in a lower place than they had originally anticipated. In the example if there was a short period of time where there is no PVP, the person in the back now has a better chance of finishing in a higher position since they have a better chance of passing players in the beginning.

In private servers, this should be able to be configured by the server owner whether if they want the PVP to be on from the beginning or maybe after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 seconds. In regular public servers, I think an optimal time before PVP turns on is 10 seconds. If the PVP is forced by the race intermission without any player(s) permission, it should still follow this rule. Same goes if players vote if they want PVP on; it should still follow this procedure.