PVP/Arena drifting rebalance

Please change the mechanics of drifting with vehicles that are stacked/on top of/under other much larger and heavier vehicles.

A tier 1 vehicle (say one of the lambo’s) can simply park 1-2 car lengths from the side of a map (say magma cave) and if a tier 3 vehicle drives/gets pushed/flipped onto it the small car can just drift the tier 3 off the map. They can even change the direction of your momentum so that even if you were driving parallel to the border you still go sideways off the map.

This is ludicrous. You wind up with people who stop playing and just wait at the edge of the map to be driven over so they can easily kill the tier 3.

This also leads to cars trying to drive under tier 3 and then drift to slide the tier 3 off the map. I get that you don’t want perfect physics for the game, but this isn’t even comical, it’s just griefing. Now if you’re a tier 3 on any map with drop off borders you have to constantly limit where you go on the map to avoid being drifted off.

It’s also the preferred method to take out juggernauts now.