Power Failure Escape Mode

An extremely rare alternative core escape method; for every 100 normal core meltdowns in public servers only there will be a power failure meltdown where the facility goes all out powerless, all lights and crushers out, no power to sustain control over core temperatures once the core filling has been completed

1.5x the rewards for escaping a rare alternative escape event(300B in heli, 450B in boat)


I think this would be even cooler in a night time setting, perhaps it could also be triggered when it’s night time?

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If that 1 in every 100 happens during night time yea why not, pitch black settings escape would be insanely cool

I’m up for this being in the game!
I’m amproliknugget btw, this is using the details from when I first joined

sounds fun

I just revived this tbh in the discord server

if the power went out in your house would you escape

based on instinct and intuition, i mean its in the regard that ‘you know your way round very well’