Possible Gamepass suggestions

I would like to potentially see some new Gamepasses added to the game, so my suggestions for gamepasses are a Radio Gamepass that allows the owner of the gamepass to input a song code and play the code by using a radio built into the car to play music, a C4 Gamepass that would allow users to put down C4 and input a time it takes to detonate the C4 or have a controller to remotely detonate it, possibly a Minigun Gamepass that would be a smaller handheld version of the minigun crusher that spins up and shoots at a very high rate of fire, as well as possibly a gamepass for more customization options for cars like underglows and wheel neons, customizable exhaust pipes, roll cages, Nitrous, spoilers, hood scoops and blowers for muscle cars, flaps and extra light options to make rally and raid cars and trucks, grille modifications, different tire and rim options and spinner rims, adjustable suspension, camber and offset, widebodies, carbon fiber parts, a mod to let the DeLorean hover or fly, custom hood types, window tinting, and dragster modifications. If at least one of these suggestions get added, i would be very grateful.