Porsche 913

What happens after Porsche read a book called “Fighting Ferrari For Dummies”

Porsche has several market prices in its current model lineup, but lets focus on the two top models for just a moment, ignoring the sedans and the SUVs. The 918 Spyder costs well over $800,000, and within spitting distance of $1,000,000 with the right options. The 911 Turbo S can be priced near $250,000 with the right boxes checked (admittedly, that number is easier to reach when configuring a Turbo S cabriolet). That’s an awful lot of financial space between the two, more than $500,000. Ferrari and McLaren are just two notable competitors that offer exciting cars priced well above Porsche 911 models and well below the 918.

For years, Porsches have been lauded as “the affordable supercars” or “the everyday supercars” that compete (and defeat!) the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. and often for less money. It would be great if Porsche decided to throw down the gauntlet in market segment between the Turbo S and the 918 with a Goldilocks model: One that’s not too expensive, not too “ordinary,” and priced juuuust right in that untapped $250,000-$750,000 price range.


Rendering of a Porsche 913

Holy Moses and Ferdinand’s Woolen Mittens, Batman!


The fender flares, the air intakes at the front, the headlight frown, the poise – this car commands a presence with a purpose that Porsche captures with each sports car they design. But they haven’t made this one. Not yet, anyways.

This is one of the dozens of exquisite Porsche 913 renderings created by Rene Garcia, a graphic artist whose work you’ve seen in several visually-stunning blockbuster films from the past twenty years (Gone in 60 Seconds, Matrix Trilogy, Transformers, Star Trek, and The Avengers, to name a few). He has a great eye for detail, and you can tell he knew a thing or two about Porsche’s design history when he set out to model this vehicle. Unlike most concept car renderings, you won’t find much missing. Here’s where most concept drawings seem to end:

rough rendering of the Porsche 913

Nice, rough sketches with the basic shape, maybe a hint about a seat or a steering wheel, but a largely unknown interior. Those are Garcia’s original concept drawings, and then he took things much further. Signals, interior layouts, even the wretched plastic molding that restricts the view of engines in every modern car — it’s all there. Garcia really let his imagination run absolutely wild when he envisioned this Stuttgart Ferrari fighter.

That said, my one (and only!) complaint is that some design elements look more Italian than German: Ferrari always had the triple exhaust, the five-pointed star wheels and ridiculously large side intakes, not Porsche. You know what? I don’t care about those that much. Let’s look at the interior.

Porsche 913 Interior

Bespoke leather stitching all across the dash, a console layout inspired by the Carrera GT (and, subsequently, the Panamera and 991), ductwork for the climate control system, driver seat memory switches, mirror adjustments, this is all very well-sorted. A second (and final…. Promise!) complaint is the instrument panel again taking a more pedestrian gauge layout instead of using a variation of Porsche’s very traditional – and functional – tachometer centered design. Aside from that, this is beautiful and elegantly well made.


rear of the Porsche 913 rendering

Sorry, Ferrari, no plans to add an integrated entertainment system in the back; you’ll have to find some other way to pass the time looking at this side of the car.

This image shows where Garcia’s inspiration latched onto the front fenders of a Carrera GT and the deep, striking aero cuts in the side are (comment if you’ve seen it anywhere else!) to be pulled right from the McLaren P1 (Project 12). I don’t see Porsche taking a design cue from anyone outside their offices, but I have to admit it makes this car look decidedly aggressive. The rear tail lights pull from a source closer to home – the light bar connecting the tail lights originated with type 964 911 Carrera 4/4S all-wheel drive models, and is installed on 4 and 4S models made today. I also see a lot of Carrera GT and 918 visual cues in the engine cover as it wraps around each seat in the cockpit.


Porsche 913 Engine Bay

It looks like a six-cylinder motor, but a couple cylinders may be hiding underneath a few covers and components. Carbon fiber braces like the Carrera GT and 918, this looks like a plausible branch in the Porsche family tree. It appears the plastic engine covers are integrated with the air intake system plumbing, but if the shape of the plastic is any indication of airflow direction, this engine is apparently pulling from the rear of the car, instead of those deep intakes we saw on the sides of the car. Oops! Of course, the plumbing could be totally different under these plastic sheaths, and, after all, none of this car actually exists, so I won’t try to analyze everything like it’s a tangible model! You may notice a fuel port on both sides of the car; I believe this is a concept plug-in hybrid, so perhaps one side is for gasoline, and the other hides an electrical plug. Garcia’s designs are immersive enough that I’m willing to overlook petty details, like a physical dipstick on a modern Porsche engine, or a washer fluid reservoir for the front windshield being mounted next to the transmission of a mid-engine car. Ah, there I go again, noticing logical inconsistencies!

All ribbing aside, Garcia did a wonderful job capturing the essence of a spirited Porsche.


Not forgetting Porsche’s motorsport heritage he created this version with Gulf livery, my favorite renderings.

Porsche 913 in Gulf Livery

The gap between the driver and passenger bumps has been enclosed for additional air control, an aggressive rear spoiler and front ground effects work as been added, and look how cleanly that motorsport brake light has been added to the rear.
Garcia’s work shows he is clearly passionate about Porsche and motorsport, you can check out these and the other incredible concept renderings on his website


How great would it be to watch this 913 come to life and compete?? How great would it be to drive one – to own one? Isn’t it time for Porsche to put the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren in their place (again!) with a car priced between the 911 Turbo S and the 918? They dominate the luxury sports car markets (60-90k and 100-200k), why not aim higher and find even more success?
(source: flatsixes.com)

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