Pls extend the limited Ford Gt

Pls extend the Limited Ford by 5 days, because for those people who want to unlock it they only have 4 days left and the daily challenges give you 15 + 5 with premium
it would take 33 days if you get 15 mp daily and 25 days with premium but extend it longer than 5 days only if yall want.

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Sounds quite ok , but you actually if u get double points in weekend (sat and sun) + 7 day streak (40 points )
u get 15x5 + 30x2 + 40 = 175 mp a week
basically any limited can buy in two weeks

This is without premium missions
even you dont maintain your streak
which you dont get 40 extras
you can still get 15x4 + 30x2 =110
where u still can get for three weeks

Also you have to remember that you have codes that give you 20 mp

Oerall you can get the car mostly from 1.5-3.5 weeks

So it doesn’t seem it needs to be extended

I do know it sounds very harsh

But i think (personally) that limited cars more of a way to make people play more the game with daily missions , it does sounds bad that it forces you to play.

But HEY it ain’t some simulator bs that forces you to do meaningless 2 hour grinds , the missions (for me) take from 20 sec to 20 mins, and you (mostly get some fun out of it unless its destroy 25 cars).

If its too much for you to play , then you can either pay it or just dont care it , it doesn’t effect you in anyway and the limited cars aren’t overpowered in anyway to me massively useful.

So im just telling you that’s how game works and you don’t need to overwhelmingly care about it , it wont give you free robux.