Performance of the game

hey umm can you fix the performance of your game for low device bc it keep crashing when your going public that why i buy the private server to avoid crashing so if you see this fix or low for othr low device bc it not only for me it for eveyone better playing and enjoy of your game (sorry for bad grammar or spelling) :grinning: :grinning:



what how

its the device problem not game

that why am saying it like low the performance to support the low device are you reading or not
it not only for me it for every body :/

well sorry not game problem just ur device just get a better device

then what they have no money for that

then too bad well we dont cater to everyones needs

dont reply if your comment it negative i want the game to look more cool and everyone can play it that why cc forum have made it for report etc not for negative reply

well i have every right to comment

how is it negative if u dont have a good device the dont play its like if u dont have a mansion u go to the government and tell them to give everybody a mansion they wont do it

that why am sayin it if you want to play i or not i want to mke the game to play people

i can play perfectly fine

just lower ur roblox quality if that does not work then get a better device

if they want to play it they decison it not then not am not forcing am sayin to does who playing it with low device

they cant play on low end devices the so be it

and this has been requested before

that why am nit suggesting to low or someting the pefromance of the game

then they not see it so am requesting it

well im using a windows 7 which is like 10 yrs old and its fine