Perfect idea....for electrical throttle

please if anything else pops up please comment below but…
what I noticed in electric cars is that it kind of has 75% throttle until it gets to a certain amount and then it just goes full-blown… especially on faster cars that goes all the way to like 70 80% throttle before full and its like some of the cars lag a slight bit or stop to seemingly switch to a different speed and its like The RPM gauge doesn’t show it.instead remake all the RPM gauges so they go 75 for the first 30 or so miles per hour it depends on the vehicle. and then redline MAX AMPS. its not rpm but having the pedal down is amazing. maybe make the gauge remodeled as a blue lines and marks on it with a sparking blue needle as the Easter egg and dead giveaway that its electric? just have power replacing the rpm gaauge and have rpm represent as amps or power percentage
i can invision going full throttle on and off causing the needle to flick back and fourth but whatever it cant be that annoying.
but so the moter doesn’t break or whatever as seen in bmw i3 irl. no full power at dead stop. it can shatter moter mounts. have it 90 or so percent and when it gets to around 30.go MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE RREEEEEEE


electric cars are slow muscle car all day b*tch


What do you mean electric cars are slow?

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knock knock tesla… FORD IS CATCHING UP AGAIN!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: THEY WANT THEIR CUSTOMERS BACK! im going to get a ford mach e since its interior is THAT COOL. I’m more of a fan of Chevy or GMC but god damn Ford you’ve outdid yourself


sure they Can tune Up to Some thing faster with peformance parts.Can tesla tune Up like EVO
or spura mk 4?