Our own cars

I don’t know if you can do this but can you suggest cars that someone made up?
If not, oh well, have a nice day.


yes you just got to show a picture




you know what I mean right?

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well how are they gonna know how a made up car looks like without pictures?

not what I meant… I mean like a made up car that me myself and I made, I am the creator

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Uhhh i guess you can

this is the reason I created this topic, to get an answer lol

You can draw it, or i can draw if you tell me how the car looks like.

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I have art of it already, I just need to know if it’s allowed

Nice, i think its allowed

well imma keep looking at this just to make sure

Send me notification when you have posted your car.

may I ask why?

I want to see your drawing, if its ok.

I mean I already made it on scratch.mit.edu a while ago