Option for classic Camera Mode

Update 36c introduced new camera functionality “for a more immersive experience.” Unfortunately, while some players may feel it “more immersive,” at least half the players I’ve asked have agreed: not only does it not improve the game, it actually makes it worse. Most of the time, this new “feature” feels like a horrible glitch that keeps the player from seeing what’s going on. This not only results in much lower scores, but also causes players to fall into holes, drive into the water, etc…

I’m sure that if the old camera angles are not returned, we’ll eventually get used to it; but at least for now, it’s hard to see how the new camera angle could ever be better than the previous one. Is there any way we could get that back, even if only as an option?



well it was supposed to make fp more realistic

I’m sure, and that’s an awesome goal. Unfortunately, I would say this update does just the opposite: it frequently places the camera in front of the vehicle (pointing toward the back), alongside it (pointing toward the other side), etc.—anything but just above and behind it, where I would personally think it belongs. If others like the new angle, that’s fine, but I really think it impedes gameplay.

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