Opinions with the game, CC2, on Roblox

It’s not easy to rate games so easily, but I can try to make it as simple as possible.

The game is good, nothing I can be hateful about, I liked playing it and I may still like playing the game since it is a fascinating game for some people who are in love with vehicles and the physics of destroying/demolishing the selected vehicle of their choice in reach of the boundaries.

Some may be investing a lot of time, (Ehem, like me.) for this game to waste their free time and have that satisfaction of demolishing something, making it oddly satisfying, isn’t it?

Some may feel competitive in the game, for example, the leaderboards are set for people who do a lot of playtime on the game and wish to be on the top 10 of the derby wins or the parts leaderboards. It is a good thing because it encourages more and more people to feel like if they get to a certain point, they get rewarded and deserve a reason to be happy about.

The game at the start is fine and all, you crush cars and you keep doing that until you get to the next vehicle(s) per se. At times, it gets tedious and frustrating when you get to a point where money production is far from the next vehicle and is lacking, making you feel fatigued to keep on going but that’s what dedication is all about and it gives you that great feeling of winning when you get to the next stage.

No doubt this game is all about grinding, a lot of it is required, (especially if you want to get on the top 10 leaderboards, if anyone is crazy to do that…) but games can teach you the patience of what you have to do to get where you want to be, that’s how life is and will be. When it gets to a point you’ve played the game for so long, it gets… bored and makes you want to leave… then you come back the next day and keep going. Obviously, if people are so bright and open-minded, they can be roaming around the island with any of the vehicles they use when they finish the game… or proceed to dish in their 300+ spare hours in their life to be on a leaderboard to feel gratified to be on there. Cough Why did I waste all my spare hours on this game to be on a leaderboard… meh…

After all, there is derby at least! Well, yeah it is fun and its hyper adrenaline rush feeling makes you keep playing and… be salty. However! There are many derby rounds that can all vary and that allows you to be able to experience them, it’s all fun and games until those… salty and attention-seeking… kiddos… but they are not the bad thing, it’s just society, not the game itself!

I will still like this game because of its concept, the batch of crushers to use. Some you pay… and a batch of vehicles to use! Some you pay also… but thats how developers make money, no worries. And the free will to drive anywhere on the premises and mess with the physics, it’s a bright and wonderful thing for inspiring little kiddos to learn something!

You guys may have other opinions but that’s all opinion-based but I’d think that this game is fine as it is.

Thanks for coming here and reading my post, I hope you all had at least something to read and thing, have a wonderful day!


Thanks for all the feedback!


I play the game mainly for the satisfaction of the crumple physics in the game and I think the game delivers!

I also extremely like the game for the addition of the Derby section. I enjoy the fast paced action when you’re in a server with other people who are just trying to have fun and it’s always satisfying to win.

Personally I don’t really focus on the progression aspect of the game even though it happens anyway when I play the game. I think the execution of the progression system is great anyway and I find it a lot easier than other games where I need to save up and make the choice of having to select a car to save up for and having to go into a shop and buy the car.

This probably sounds like a pretty generic comment, but I feel the vehicle mechanics could have a more broad range of aspects. I know that drifting is on it’s way but I still feel like the vehicles could have more variables to the way they perform and maybe even an advanced customisation system

This is all my opinion so please don’t feel offended by any of it, it’s just my honest input to the discussion.

That’s all!



I do feel like once you get all the cars the game slows down


I feel like there is something in games like these, the further you progress, the game progression speed gets slower, it’s like that and I seen it happen.


It’s good but there should be more stuff to do after you beat the game other than just derby.




roblox waz beter befor, but cc is better.


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