Opening up and why I might not post as much

I am sorry if this story is a bit off topic from what I usually post, but I think I am confident enough to be clear with you guys about how I have been recently.

You may think that everything is going fine by reading my posts but in reality it kind of isn’t. I have been feeling rather isolated lately, a bit different from my usual self, and bored from thinking that I am becoming lonely.

Now I am not sure if it is against ToS to be more open about my feelings and being more blunt with how I am, but I want to get it out there that if you feel the same way that I am, you are not alone.

The reason I feel so lonely is because of the fact that now I am adapting to a much bigger life and with all that I have to do, I might not be able to communicate all that well with people. It might just make my social cue detection a whole lot worse.

I might not post that much as I have to fix some stuff about myself that I fear might be pushing people away, but I am posting here because you guys are the only people that I feel comfortable with opening up about these things.


I understand and I very much support you bro
Also, it’s same situation btw for me


Respect for having the courage to actually tell everyone
And just to let you know that you aren’t and I actually go through to too :)


Hope to continue seeing your posts on this forum ;)