OP Tank bug O_O

What is the bug?
Tank bug: multiple shots

How often does the bug happen? (Everytime/sometimes/rarely)

What steps do you need to take for it to happen? List them in very high detail:

  1. Spawn any tank.
  2. Shoot with the tank and then wait like 1 second and respawn the tank.
  3. Now start clicking until you shoot twice, while ur reloading respawn the tank again and start clicking fast.
  4. Boom now you are able to shoot 3 times if u keep clicking.

If you keep doing this u will be able to shoot like 5-10 times LOL

Video: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/419452060216328192/881514723701588008/Roblox_2021-08-29_14-21-11_Trim.mp4

Is the bug related to GUI or something that only happens for you? (GUI = the dealership, derby win screen or any other interface)

Roblox username: KAMKAZEMARCI

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that is so op but it no work in derby bcs they are either tier 2 or 3

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