Nuke truck math

idk I tried something out + brain cells died, have fun reading my attempted math to get the new max car

I hope it’s easy to understand


I fail math every single year of school. I wish i was smart and had the brain space to do this


if you have platinum you have an easy 100B every crush which means every 10 crushes is 1T
simply times that 1T x 10 + cm = your answer


Imma add to this

Say you’re a F2P player and just have the base annihilator. That’s 60B in value, and crushing that 5 times is 300B, or 0.3T. Times that by 10 and you get 3T. Therefore 50 full crushes of the Annnihilator gives 3T.

Now, one of the best crushers a F2P player can use for this is the Bass Blaster, which let’s say on average takes 30 seconds to destroy the vehicle. This means that in order to get 3T you would have to use the Bass blaster 50 times, resulting in 1,500 seconds, or 25 minutes, to get 3T, on average, not accounting for bonus crushers.

In the worst case scenario you would have only just unlocked the thing, meaning you would need 70T. Well 70T isn’t divisible by 3, but 69T is. 69 divide 3 is 23, meaning you would have to crush it 50 times to get to three trillion, and then times that by 23 to get to 69 trillion. Remember that crushing the Annihilator with the Bass Blaster takes 25 minutes to get to 3T, meaning that it will take 575 minutes, or just over 9 and a half hours, to get 69T.

That leaved 1T remaining. Since crushing the Annihilator 5 times gives 0.3T, crushing it 15 times would give 0.9T. Then another two crushes will give 120B, which is enough to gain that extra trillion. Therefore to get the last trillion we would need to crush it another 17 times. So we times 30 by 17 (which comes out to 510 seconds) and add that to our current time.

The result?
583.5 minutes, or about 9.7 hours, to get 70T.

tl;dr: A day’s worth of grinding will guarantee you the missile truck.




my brain ;~;
im a simple man I am just like okay so it takes this to get this, and if that doesnt happen then this will happen resulting in this
thats how think about this equation


can someone dumb it down for me






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