No cap for Credits

Was thinking we shouldn’t have a cap for Credits that we earn in game. That way we can stack are Credits and use them for car upgrades as necessary.


I don’t even understand why there is a limit in the first place. I’m afraid it’s because Panwellz has gone money hungry with getting extra credits because you can only get extra by buying it with robux.


I agree with you 100% There shouldn’t even be a limit. But like you said it could be because of that reason.


Panwellz probably wants u to spend those credits like mp points

Nah everything is considered money hungry to you

But isn’t it weird how you can’t get credits the free-to-play way after 5000 credits but you can by spending robux?

The only reason they did it with Lamborghini is probably to avoid people getting mad.

They probably didn’t do it with the old starter Chevy.

Idk just deal with it

Anyway in case you didn’t know the devs need to earn some sort of pay you know

use. your. credits.
its simple, you dont have to buy credits with robux

But I don’t wanna have my credits limited to 5k I wanna hoard my credits

There are more than 10 game passes in cc2 :flushed:

you do know that devving in roblox is a real job right

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What is “devving” I searched the word up and I couldn’t find any good source.

Do you mean Being a developer is a real job?

No shit

I’m very comfused

Being a roblox dev is a real job