Next best car

You know how the super drill is the current most expensive vehicle. When will we have a new most expensive car




Cc2 physics will say no to the big excavatoe


They are planning it, so it kinda has to work. Granted there will be bugs, but y’know.

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Probally just gonna glitch right through

joke :troll:

this :eyes:

that’s too small lmao, and not even on the car list

as per usual, I don’t agree with you

WHAT?! this is big and i wish it was on the car list so i wait

because it is impossible to agree with him

it looks smaller than the drill

  • it also has wheels, which makes it really easy to destroy

Its all fun and games when that gets added until the artist who designed that concept sues cc2

That’s very unlikely but ok

anything is possible considering lamborghini dmca striked roblox

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tf do you mean and

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the wheels have protectors and it doesn’t matter if there are wheels or not and I don’t give a shit what you think

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the size does not matter

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