if there is such a thing as a tornado disaster or something in the game that’s updated in the future somebody needs to get a screenshot of a few cars being torn up into the air such as the peel. A pagani and a jeep or part of the facility in the background. Like if that was the theme for the background or if there was a theme like that for the background that would be pretty badass. Idk i just like disasters

Like a realistic disaster tornado kind of like the twisters in the event for that celebrity on Roblox recently for old town road etc. those tornadoes were fun and I hope that those get added into the game because they don’t look like they cost too much lag. I actually like those tornados and if there was a recolor of it to make it scary dark grey and massive then possibly that would he amazing.

If you can make a working theme with theme creator then I’ll consider it

I’m sorry but I’m on mobile. I don’t have any CGI so sorry.