New tank shells and shell buffs

As we all know, currently there are only 2 types of shells in derby for tanks the AP shell when it spawns and explosive shells that can be picked up.

Firstly AP shells should be buffed some to do more damage and shoot through small cars, and shell power-ups should be made into a separate category where they are limited strictly to tanks and not boulders replaced with shells for tanks, in other words shell power-ups are only visible to tank drivers and cannot be picked up by non-tank vehicles, addionally the shells should be able to kill the drivers of vehicles as well.

New shells
grape shot: a shell that when fired fires a spray of balls like a shotgun which is used by tanks IRL, they can easily rip through and knockout small cars and a few tier 2 vehicles when at close range, for the Exoniphic mk1 it just fires a spray of small lasers.

incendiary round: a simple shell that instead of explodes creates a fire ball that sets nearby vehicles caught in the blast on fire, doesn’t have much explosive damage except when it hits a vehicle directly, when fired from the Exoniphic mk1 it creates a bluish-purplish plasma explosion.

pulse shell: a shell designed to explode in the air at a certain distance, when fired it will explode creating a pulse blast like the pulse power-up which will toss nearby vehicles, aint as powerful as the pulse power-up but can still do damage, most effective if fired directly into a vehicle.


what if the german MinengeschoĂź was in the game?
Pierces heavy armor and explodes upon given the round’s penetration capability, sending fragments everywhere inside causing catastrophic damage