New Sound for every car or just new exhaust notes

4 Cylinders Engine Cars : 10 Optional Exhaust Notes
V6 Engine Cars : 7 Optional Exhaust Notes
Inline 6 Engine : 4 Option Exhaust Notes
V8 Engine : 12 Optional Exhaust Notes
V10 Engine: 6 Optional Exhaust Notes
V12 Engine: 3 Optional Exhaust Notes
W16 Engine: 2 Optional Exhaust Notes

If I’m missing a Engine then Message me on Discord (Thatguyarieol)

In Total like 44 or 33 I forgot either ways
For Example you can change Exhaust by Click Customize → Performance → Exhaust → Then a List of Exhaust Notes - > Then Done

And also a another suggestion is to rev when clicking a different exhaust notes.


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exhaust note tuning like nfs heat


moved to correct category


How about Rotary

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if add this SUGGESTION
tesla: now i have all engine sounds

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How to make car sounds like a professional:

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