New Roll-over Crusher

So, what I’m thinking of is a new crusher where it will launch your car down a long tunnel where it will cause your car to flip multiple times. The process of getting the crusher to work is where you would have to drive your car onto a platform/pad, exit the car, go into the crusher control room where you can set the speed you want it to launch your car. When you are done considering you can launch your car simply by pressing a button where it will set the platform at a angle and then the pad will launch itself using some kind of transporation, I’ll use rails for example. When the pad reaches the end, it immediately stops launching the car supposedly causing the vehicle to flip several times. Sorry about how oddly specific that was, but I just wanted to suggest a mechanic for it. I just though a crusher like this would be fun to mess around with.

so basically this thing?

Pretty much.

it can replace the cannon crusher because the cannon floor thingy is broken

Aight so I found out this was already suggested I guess give STR credit