New open map

my idea is that a new map be added and the new map will be a open space fun map with no crusher so if you want to get money or farm you can stay on the main map but this is for people that have nothing to do or have all the vehicles already and this map with be filled with many thing like ramps obstacles loops and many other things in one area but the biggest thing on this map will be its open are part where there is nothing so people can go fast without crashing into things because in one of the recent updates witch added the new rocket car was great it gave players that had already finished the game a reason to come back but the one downside you cant do anything fun with it because there is no space to use its 700+Mph speed and this is very frustrating because its not just with the rocket car its with all of the fast cars because the only place where you can go fast on the map is the highway and even that distance is small when you go 250+mph so i and im sure some of you want a new map where you can go super fats and play instead of trying to grind you can have some fun with your new cars also the way you will get to the map will be a teleporter in spawn like the destruction derby teleporter and thats what i suggest i hope you get what im saying.


a bit confusing text but nice idea